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More and more young, beautiful gold diggers (who are really nothing more than high class escorts), are turning to older, rich gentlemen to finance their lavish lifestyles.

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Social Companions

Sugar babies / high class personal escorts really know how to make a bloke feel like he is 25 again - and if you want to feel 18, hire 2 of them for double the fun - Arh, I mean trouble.

Drinking Buddies

Leave your mates at home! These girls can hold their own with a glass of bubbly, they can even down a pint of beer without throwing up on you. Bonus!

Lap Cats

Why would you need a cat that leaves its hair everywhere and fucks up all of your leather furniture, when you could have a hairless pussy that only scratches you when wearing black leather?!

Give Me Some Sugar!

Its a "sweet as candy" arrangement! She gets your money and you get lots of sex without the restraints of a nagging ball and chain wife. And when she starts being a pain in the ass, you can trade her in for a new one.

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What others are saying about sugar babies and high class escorts?

I am a successful trader, I am married but I rarely get sex. I have more money than I can spend, so just recently I sought the services of a professional courtesan ($1000 per hour). Wow, I had the best sexual experience of my life, hiring a a high class escort was just what the doctor ordered and its something I should have done years ago since the wife stopped putting out. I had a top knotch GFE and PSE all in one session, she even let me film it, now I have masturbation material for months, until my next encounter.


Its called having your cake and eating it too! Gees I love being a rich trader!


High class escorts are lots of fun, they do whatever your wife or girl friend wont, that last one I had dressed up as a secretary and bonked me on my work desk! Fun stuff...